Life's A Sitcom

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 10:46 AM

     If you ever wondered where a show like Seinfeld gathered
ideas for their situations....wonder no more.  Everyday
life.  Allow me to share what I just encountered.  I
received a card in my mailbox at home that I had something
to pick up at the post office.  O.K. I go uptown on my lunch
hour to the post office.  I drive around for a while to find
a parking space.  I go in and stand in line for about 10
minutes or so while the fellow ahead of me completes a
complicated transaction.  I give the card to the nice postal
lady.  She comes back with a letter size yellow envelope
that looked just like one I had sent just the other day. 
The envelope contained 50 single page flyers about our china
show that were requested by a museum in

      I had used the address provided by the museum and took it to the
post office and they placed the $2.96 postage on it for me. 
Now I am not that far from
mind you.  Anyway
the nice postal lady says that the envelope has $2.96
postage due.  I point out the obvious that there is a $2.96
meter label on the envelope.  She goes back and checks and
returns to tell me the envelope could not be delivered.  She
said she did not know why but they could not deliver it.  I
then said O.K. and reached for
the envelope.....No chance!  She grabs it back and tells me
I have to pay $2.96 to get it back because it had been sent
parcel post and
that does not provide return postage.  So just to make sure
I understand it right I repeat to her that I must pay an
additional $2.96 to get the envelope back.  Then pay another
$2.96 to send it out again but we still do not know why they
could not deliver it so it may come back to me again for
another $2.96 in return postage. Can you begin to see the train wreck coming.... Now I may just be a hilljack from
but $11.84 to mail $1.00 worth of paper 30 miles
seemed a little bit like intentionally hittin' your thumb
with a hammer.  I then look at the postal lady and say "you
can just......throw it away".  (You thought I was going to
tell her something more expletive didn't you).  She sort of
stuttered and I thought  she was going to tell me I still
owed $2.96 so I quickly turned around to see this fellow
standing behind me, ashen faced holding this big box.  I look at him and tell him "You're next!".  He swallows hard
and says in a trembling voice..."Oh my I'm sending this box
overseas..."  As I head for the door I holler back at
him "You still have time to change your mind."  Ain't free
enterprise wonderful?  And real life is funnier than any
fiction and don't ever wonder why it costs 37 cents to mail
a letter.  You are paying for efficiency.
From down on the farm with rural "free" delivery (RFD) in

(c) 2013 Ellen Wilson-Pruitt

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