Cabin Fever

Posted on February 5, 2014 at 5:09 PM
Cabin fever can be frustrating. I have found a way to deal with the malady. Get busy doing something constructive. Follow me as I go into the kitchen for some "Snow Day" intensive housecleaning.

Think about reorganizing the spices in the cabinet....Hey maybe I will have a few of those Doritos. What is Natcho cheese anyway?>

Let's put some fresh shelf liner in cabinet drawers....Cha Ching! I forgot I hid that Hershey bar in there (for Leslie's own good) Let's see if it still tastes alright. You know I read that they will remain fresh in the event of nuclear fallout. Since the cold war I have always tried to have some just for that reason.

Clean the microwave....well after I have some of this "Make Your Eyes Roll Back in Your Head Extra Butter Microwave Popcorn". This stuff would make even a Jessica Simpson movie bearable.

Let's work on cleaning that refrigerator....OMG, how did that beer get all the way in the back. Man that sucker is good and cold. I didn't know I was that thirsty must have been the popcorn. Tasty even when it is zero outside.

That freezer section is way too crowded.....Maybe I will eat the rest of this bag of pecans to free up some space...kinda bland by themselves let's just put them on top of the rest of this container of Moosetracks ice cream. Man I wished I had saved that Hershey bar to go with this.

Check the produce drawer for "gone by" broccoli....cheese, how did that block of white cheddar get in there? Would have been nice to have saved that beer and made some fondue. Oh well, I'll just eat this rat bait solo and get my calcium.

That utensil drawer is a disgrace......spaghetti spoon...oh here is that chip bag clip for the Doritos...I'll just finish the bag and not worry about them getting stale. There is that church key bottle opener...I think I will just have another one of those beers.

Clean the coffeemaker.......there is still a good cup of coffee left. I will just sit here and enjoy this moment of caffeine bliss. A little something sweet always goes good for an afternoon pick me up....the rest of these oatmeal raisin cookies will give me just the fiber I need to counteract that block of cheddar I ate.

Man I don't feel so well. I don't know when I clean the kitchen I get a stomach ache and my head is a bit fuzzy. I may need a bit of fizz to settle things down. Where's that church key? I am having trouble getting the cap off this third beer.

After all that work I think I will go stretch out on the couch for a bit. I have earned it. I'll just take that bag of strawberry Twizzlers with me just in case.

See you too can overcome cabin fever by focusing your energy in a positive.....burp...way...Excuse me.

(c) 2014 Ellen Wilson-Pruitt

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